Please note: we now have role permissions for users. If you have more than one property on your account then you can assign individual users to select properties. 

How to Add Team Members

In the main menu, click on "Manage Project". This will take you to your project settings page to manage team members:

From here, click on "Team members" where you can view all active and invited team members to your project. To invite a new member click on the "Invite members" button.

This will open a drawer to add the team member details and send them an email to join:

Once you send the invite, the user will remain in the invited section until they create click on the email to set their password and log in.

If you've invited a user and they don't receive an email please ask them to check their spam folder. You can also delete this invite and resend if you continue to have issues. 

How to Remove Team Members

If you would like to delete existing team members or invites, simply click the trash icon and approve the prompt.

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