Instead of sending you through a sea of insights and goals within your dashboard, you're able to use the default custom reports (ex. Paid Search Performance) that are predefined in Elevar and/or create your own customized ones. 

Reports allow you to combine multiple insights and goals to track together in one place. 

Additionally you can:

  • Set up recurring emails with updated links to the report
  • Create a shareable URL that removes Elevar branding 
  • Monitor your pass/fail metrics in aggregate 

Report Configuration

In this step you can:

  • Select a custom background color for your Shareable report URL
  • Define your report name, summary, start and end date
  • Set up recurring reporting rules
  • Define a password to view your Shareable report URL

If you are setting up as a recurring report then you'll see these additional options:

You can choose to have this report emailed daily, weekly, or monthly. 

The email that your recipients receive will simply contain a link to the shareable report URL (shown below). 

Selecting Insights and Goals

This step allows you to quickly filter and search for insights and/or goals to add to your report. 

The items with the star icon are goals and the others are insights. Currently there is not a limit to the # of items you can add to a report. 

You can see the total # of items added to your report shown by the "13" in the above screenshot in the top right.

Once you're done, click continue to view your report!

Report Dashboard View

Your report will contain a snapshot of your performance:

  • Overall %: this totals all of your insights and goals added to the report and calculates the % that are passing (insights) or projected to surpass your goal value.
  • Insights %: this totals all of your insights added to the report and calculates the % that are passing. 
  • Goal %: this totals all of your goals added to the report and calculates the % that are projected to surpass your goal value.

If you change the date range then this report will update.

Insights Tab

This tab displays all of your insights added to the report. You can roll over the graph to see your performance from a particular time period.

You can also click into the insight to view the full insight detail page.

Goals Tab

This tab will contain a table view of all of your goals assigned to the report. You can see your:

  • Goal Value
  • Actual Value, to date
  • Forecasted Value (& % difference)
  • Current Milestone Goal
  • Current Milestone Actual (& % difference)

Shareable Report

If you click on the "Share" button then you will be taken to a unique URL that contains this report with the Elevar branding removed. 

If you set a password up during configuration then you'll be prompted to enter this prior to viewing. 

You can interact with this report by viewing your insights, goals, and changing the primary graph. 

You can also change the date range to update the data displayed within the report.

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