Here are the dimension filters used when selecting your traffic during goal creation:

  • All Traffic: [no dimension applied]
  • Organic: ga:medium=organic
  • Email: ga:medium=~email
  • Social: ga:hasSocialSourceReferral==Yes
  • Paid Search: ga:medium==cpc
  • Display: ga:medium=~display
  • Affiliate: ga:medium=~affiliate
  • Referral: ga:medium==referral
  • Direct: ga:medium==(none)

Here are the segment definitions:

  • All Devices: [no segment applied]
  • Desktop: ga:deviceCategory=desktop
  • Tablet: ga:deviceCategory=tablet
  • Mobile: ga:deviceCategory=mobile

We will be opening up the ability to set custom dimension filters soon. If you have any issues or questions on your data please let us know.

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