Here are definitions of the data displayed on the insight detail cards that you see throughout the site:

I'm going to use the Email Marketing Overview card to start:

  • Email Marketing Overview: This is the name of the insight. We try to keep this fairly descriptive of what your data is being evaluated on.
  • 11.87%: This changes per card as you can see and is the metric (or calculated metric) that the insight is evaluating. You can see the hover state shows "% of Email Sessions" for this insight.
  • Week 08, Feb 2018: If your date range is less than 3 months then we graph your data by week of the year. Otherwise it's graphed by month. 

The metric that causes the insight to be green or red is hidden by the hover for the Email Marketing Overview example. So we'll use the Site Speed Optimization Report as an example:

  • 6.66: This is the total avg. site speed in seconds.
  • 66.59% down: This is saying that the 6.66 avg. site speed is 66.59% behind the passing threshold which for this insight is 4 seconds. 
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