Elevar currently has 5 core features:

  1. Insights that analyze your data
  2. Goals that forecast your trends
  3. Custom Reports that personalize insights and goals into recurring dashboards
  4. Multi-Property Accounts that allow you to switch between properties under a single login
  5. ToDo lists which help you stay organized

Elevar analyzes data from the following APIs:

  1. Google Analytics Core Reporting API
  2. Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel API
  3. Google Analytics Management API
  4. [coming soon] Instagram API
  5. [coming soon] Custom Data Engine 

When you signup and authenticate your Google Analytics account, Elevar begins fetching your data from the Google Analytics APIs to analyze. 


Insights are a combination of:

  • Graphs
  • Row reports
  • Actionable tips
  • Pass/Fail threshold 
  • Custom Notes 

In total, you will see upwards of 100+ insights based on your data. Think of them as an ongoing automated analytics audit of your account providing you with insights on what's going well and what's not going well. 

Each insight has been curated by our team and is broken down by:

  • Marketing Channel
  • User Behavior
  • Enhanced eCommerce
  • Data Foundation 
  • ..and more

Learn more about insights in this help article. 


Goals are not the goals you know of in Google Analytics. 

Goals in Elevar function the way you might track and report on your internal marketing and sales goals.  

They basically work like this:

  1. Select a metric (e.g. revenue)
  2. Select a dimension (e.g. all traffic or paid search)
  3. Select a segment (e.g. mobile only)
  4. Select how you track your milestones (weekly or monthly)
  5. Select your start and end dates
  6. Set your total goal target (e.g. 5% improvement over last year)
  7. Set your custom milestone breakdown (e.g. adjust goals for seasonality)
  8. Done!

Elevar will then track your current milestone and overall goal progress but more importantly will begin forecasting your goal at the end of the time period. 

Again - this is all done by using your Google Analytics data. And you can create as many goals as you'd like. 

Custom Reports

Instead of sending you through a sea of insights and goals within your dashboard, you're able to use the default custom reports (ex. Paid Search Performance) that are predefined in Elevar and/or create your own customized ones. 

Reports allow you to combine multiple insights and goals to track together in one place. 

Additionally you can:

  • Set up recurring emails with updated links to the report
  • Create a shareable URL that removes Elevar branding 
  • Monitor your pass/fail metrics in aggregate 

To Do Lists

If you have any additional questions on how Elevar works feel free to ask :) .

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