When you've imported our GTM container from our Shopify App, you'll find tags included for your global gtag, dynamic remarketing events, and AdWords conversions. 

Specifically you'll find tags that look like this:

If you want these enabled then there are two steps here:

  1. In GTM > Variables > User-Defined Variables, update the AdWords - Account ID Variable. Please ensure your constant is something like AW-123456789 (no dashes in-between the #'s)
  2. Go to all Adwords - gtag - tags and click "Unpause" in the top right corner of the GTM Tag (if these are paused).

Here is where you find your AdWords variable:

Go to Tools > Audience Manager:

Then go to AdWords Tag > Details:

Then copy your the variable shown here:

Then go to GTM > Variables > UPDATE - AdWords Account > copy your value here:

That's it for the remarketing gtag setup!

To implement AdWords conversion tracking, then follow these next steps as well. 

Here is the Adwords Transaction tag that needs your specific AdWords values updated:

And here is where you can find these in Google AdWords. Under "Conversions", either create a new transaction tag or go to your existing:

Here are the AdWords gtags that were imported into GTM for you:

Once you've unpaused each tag you are ready to move on!

If you previously had AdWords scripts or remarketing tags setup then you will need to remove these to prevent duplicate tags from firing. 

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